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Islamabad is the calm and relaxing city of Pakistan. It is the capital city of and the hub of the federal ministries, National courts, diplomatic areas, and important government. It is surrounded with beautiful hills and mountains waiting to be explored. Many find Islamabad an important city for business however more and more people are finding it as a popular tourist destination. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are considered as twin cities and it most cases they are considered as one unit, so can booking flights Rawalpindi can easily be serviced through Islamabad.

Qatar Airways
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Turkish Airlines
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Pakistan International Airlines
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Kuwait Airways
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Oman Air
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Etihad Airways
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
London (LGW) Islamabad (ISB)
Klm Royal Dutch Airline
Birmingham (BHX) Islamabad (ISB)
Air Berlin
London (LCY) Islamabad (ISB)

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This capital metropolis of Pakistan was built with the aim to come up with a city which can be proudly designated as capital and it has surely delivered the purpose. The city is by far the best major city in the country when it comes to beauty, cleanliness, serenity and an alpha life style. It is filled with many awe inspiring and breathtaking attractions which takes one close to nature. Sitting in lap of the exotic and picturesque range of Margalla Hills, the whole atmosphere here is very health friendly and eye soothing. Start the fun with the beautiful Rawal Lake which has turned out to be the most favorite picnic spot for a large number of local, national and international visitors. The beautiful lake, the surrounding lush green sceneries and the excitement of boating with your loved ones will surely make you remember you flights to Islamabad for ages. Similarly other stunning destinations which can give you an awesome experience are Peer Sohawa and Daman e koh where you will find many hiking points, amazing restaurants and the famous zero point from where you can watch the entire city with all its charm.

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