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Cheap Flights to Karachi

Karachi is mostly warm and even in winters it is not cold. You can visit this city in November or December because these months are much colder than the other months. Following are the places which the tourists must visit to make their journey more memorable and enjoyable

Gulf Air
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Turkish Airlines
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Pakistan International Airlines
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Qatar Airways
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Etihad Airways
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Oman Air
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Air Berlin
London (LCY) Karachi (KHI)
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Manchester (MAN) Karachi (KHI)
Klm Royal Dutch Airline
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)

The home of diversity

What can one say about this sizzling metropolis of Pakistan which we all know as Karachi? Apart from the numerous locations that it engulfs, there is a large variety of aspects from which we can study it and each aspect will signal towards its diversity.  The largest and the most populous city of Pakistan, the most important financial hub, a panorama of masses with distinct cultures and enchanting attitude makes it prominent in the folds of Pakistan.  Another important aspect about Karachi is that it plays a catalyst in shaping different political movements and reforms in the whole country and that is why bureaucrats and politicians state that 'a stable Karachi means a stable Pakistan'.  The Karachi international airport is one of the best in the country and is always flooded with cheap flights to Karachi.  

Being the financial hub, Karachi has many well to do services and manufacturing industries which contribute immensely towards its economy. The other side which is attractive from tourists point of view is the monumental structures that the city engulfs. Among those beautiful monuments is the national museum which was built back in 1950 when it replaced Victoria museum. The museum was constructed in a Frère hall which was itself constructed in the eighteenth century. The government devised a committee after its construction which was given the role to enrich the collections of this museum through purchase and acquisitions of antique articles. The main objective behind constructing this museum was to study, collect, exhibit and preserve the cultural history of this country by providing people an insight into shades of Pakistani patterns.

The museum currently features about 11 galleries with every gallery show casing different articles. The Quran gallery of this museum has a rich collection of about 300 or more copies of Quran in which about 50 are rare manuscripts that are prominently displayed in this gallery.  The cultural heritage collection here is displayed in the other galleries and includes artifacts of Indus civilization, sculptures of Gandhara civilization, Miniature paintings, Islamic and traditional arts, Ancient coins and some manuscripts which document the political history of Pakistan. The outer structure of the museum comprises of cement, metal and wood work. The external shades of the building are shaped in the form of waves. The adjoining park of the museum has been richly fabricated with natural plants and flowers which add exoticness to the monument.  The auditorium area of the museum can accommodate about 250 people. It also features a conservatory laboratory for the collection and preservation of various articles.  Apart from the monumental features of Karachi, it has a sophisticated modern side to it which is evident in its tall sky scrapers and lavishly designed hotels.  So break free from the hectic routines of your mundane life and arrange for Flights to Karachi.