Cheap Flights to Lagos

A tour to Lagos city is very adventurous and if you want to get there cheap then book with Times Travel as the company provides excellent rates to Africa. Lagos is also popular worldwide for its beautiful sandy beaches where you are welcomes with Smiles.

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Times Travel is always your reliable companion for memorable vocations. We promise to assist you plan your holidays in a budget that actually fits your pocket. Our flights will let you feel really comfortable both with their travelling and airfares. Like many other famous tourism spots, Lagos can also be visited by our Lagos Cheap Flights. It’s a dazzling city of Nigeria which is Africa’s biggest country. Lagos therefore has a distinctive place in Africa right after Cairo. Lagos is basically popular for two main reasons. One of them is that Lagos remained prior capital of Nigeria and the second one is that it the greatest source of oil, coal, water and natural gas.

Getting to Lagos:

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city we are talking about, you should immediately book your flight for Lagos. Murtala-Mohammad-International Airport is the base airport for all flights to Lagos. It is located in a suburb of Lagos called Ikeja. You may book direct Flight for Lagos from US. If you are inhabitant or guest of any other European country, Cheap Flights to Lagos can be easily books from there.

Travelling within the city:

Lagos, apart from being a popular destination is suffering from poor traffic conditions due to high population rate so if you are planning to get around after leaving your Lagos Flight, you should hire a car which comes with local driver. It is the most recommended option if you want to enjoy your visit. Another choice is of local buses. Two types of buses can take you around the city. The bigger ones are known locally as Moule or pick the shorter ones Danfo. The risk for choosing bus service for a ride is that those are extremely crowded. Third choice can be of a taxi. Taxis are also of two different sizes. The regular taxis which are safer yet expressive and the small ones called Okada. Okada is taken as a risky ride because of poor traffic control.

Attractions and Alerts:

Planning your visit with Times Travel will let you enjoy the city’s attractions memorably because of lowest airfares for Lagos. Lagos is popular for its beautiful and sunny beaches like Lekki Beach, Palisades Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Tarkwa Beach, Kuramo Beach, Suntan Beach and many others. Beaches of Lagos offer many water-based fun activities for beach lovers. There are lots of floral parks around the city and you may also enjoy the train ride to Kano which is another famous destination of Nigeria. You will have lots of city attractions like Central Mosque, Sultan’s Palace, the famous leather market, historical wall with 16 gates, the magnificent market of Kurmi and much more.

One thing to be noticed right after leaving your Flight to Lagos and travelling around the city is that be careful with security rules. Taking snaps of historical building are usually not allowed there so try to avoid such activity. Just carry the cash you need with you because Lagos is a bit crucial for street crimes and don’t stay out of your hotel for late night.