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One of the most popular and important place that keeps the country's cultural elements in it is the city of Lahore and the must visit places are Lahore fort and Shalimar bagh. Other provinces of Sindh, Punjab and N.W.F.P also make your visit wonderful by offering places like ruins of Gandhara Civilization, Indus Valley, Mohenjo Daro, Thatha, Makli, Baltit Fort, and Mansehra. For calm and relax atmosphere the country also offers you places like Hunza Valley and Swat Valley that are known all over the world for their beauty and for the exotic scenes they give which are a delight for one\'s eyes and makes your visit memorable. Your visit to Pakistan can be more memorable if flights are booked at cheaper prices from Timestravel.

Gulf Air
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Turkish Airlines
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Pakistan International Airlines
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Kuwait Airways
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Qatar Airways
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
Etihad Airways
London (LHR) Islamabad (ISB)
Oman Air
London (LHR) Karachi (KHI)
London (LHR) Lahore (LHE)
Klm Royal Dutch Airline
Birmingham (BHX) Islamabad (ISB)
Air Berlin
London (LCY) Islamabad (ISB)
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Manchester (MAN) Karachi (KHI)

Times Travel for the best travelling experience

Travelling has never been so easy and affordable before the advent of the services of Times Travel as we have served masses with quality travelling services which are acquired with all the ease and comfort that one can desire. The spectrum of services that we cater includes all accessible destinations on the planet through our flight bookings, rail travel and other on road transportation means. We are not only covering the developed countries around the globe but we also give services for arranging flights to Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most interesting destinations to visit in Asia which has a lot more to offer than what is anticipated by masses throughout the world.

The country is rich with many traits that are very surprising, pleasant and awesome for tourists who come to visit it. The physical and cultural dynamics of this country will provide you something new at every other destination you visit here. If you visit the more developed cities, you will find that they are filled with many top quality restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, bowling alleys and clubs where you can enjoy your heart out. The most amazing and thrilling aspect which you can experience through cheap flights to Pakistan is its stunning northern areas which can be easily rated among the most beautiful places on earth. Who is unaware of the beauty of the northern areas like Kashmir, Gilgit, Swat, Naaran, Kaaghan as these places are numerous in hills, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, greenery and a weather which can gives all the shades of peace and serenity. The people here are truly friendly and hospitable with their gestures and services and they try their very best to facilitate every tourist with ease and comfort. Going deep into the northern areas will give you an idea about how God gifted and ravishing this country is.

Times Travel services for Pakistan flights or Pakistan cheap flights covers majority of the major and remote locations here through its national carrier and other private airlines that are working here. We arrange such flights from many top destinations of the world.   We provide our visitors complete information, updated flights schedule, cost comparison and the other related flight services on our pages that allows them to make the best decision. You can also book hotels at your desired destinations through our services and avail our various cheap ticket deals that we often offer.

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Pakistan Facts

Capital: Islamabad
Currency: Pakistani Rupee
Languages: Urdu,Punjabi
Religion: Islam
Best Time To Go: Feb to Apr and Sep to Nov